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Business Continuity Planning
Two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster -- go out of business within five years. Business continuity plans and disaster recovery services ensure continuing viability.

Gartner Group - 2001

Are you prepared for a disaster if it hits your business?
How will you restore your IT systems if they fail?

If you think that tape backup alone is enough to protect your business, you may be sadly mistaken. Many companies that try to restore their data to new servers will quickly find out that their restorals will fail without a copy of every critical application readily available. You could lose at least a week during a crisis if you are missing this critical component.

Keystone Information Technology is aligned with EBC Partners for delivery of Business Continuity Services.

Our 4-step approach has been tested in large and small organizations:

  • Conduct a Business Continuity Assessment and develop a Strategic Business Continuity Plan.
  • Develop detailed processes and procedures for the Strategic Business Continuity Plan.
  • Implement the Business Continuity Plan.
  • Regularly test the Plan.
We can assist your business in any stage of the development of your business continuity planning.

We also provide Business Continuity Services specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium sized businesses.

The BCP Program

A full Business Continuity Program to meet the needs of companies with one to five servers. This fixed price plan implements all four steps of our business continuity program. Itís ideal for small and medium companies or remote offices of larger companies that must address their Business Continuity needs in a quick and cost effective manner.

BCP Management

Provides daily management of your ongoing tape backups remotely ensuring that backups are functioning properly and able to restore files correctly. If there is a failure we work to resolve the issue quickly. This program also provides an annual disaster test where we measure the ability to restore your IT systems completely in the event of a significant disaster.

Tape Monitoring

This affordably priced service monitors the success of your tape backups on a daily basis. We notify you if your backup operation fails for two or more times in a row. It provides a low cost means of ensuring that your backup processes are being followed by your employees.

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