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Information Technology Management
No matter what size company you are, you must manage your Information Technology (IT) Investment to keep it functioning at its peak performance. Our IT Management services allow you to “Get Back to Business. We focus on managing your IT environment so you can manage your business.
IT Strategy
Do you know what you should spend on IT?
Are you truly getting what your business needs at the best cost?

Our IT Strategy Services provide you with a strategic roadmap, aligning your Information Technology Investment with your business strategy. With our IT Strategy Services you know what you need to spend on IT and when you need to spend it to get your desired results. Following the outline below, we work with you to develop the right plan for your needs.

  • Assess the need of your business for technology
  • Determine your goals for IT
  • Develop an IT Plan focusing on both quick hits and long term direction
  • Determine the expected return on your technology investment
  • Help you budget for your Investment
  • Measure the performance of your IT investment on an ongoing basis.
Are you getting the most you can from your current IT investment?

Many companies aren’t. Our IT Assessment Service focuses on your people, process and technologies to understand your current IT posture, both its strengths and weaknesses. We develop a set of recommendations to improve performance, focusing on quick low cost changes along with long term recommendations.

CIO Advantage
Are you managing your IT resources properly?
Is your designated IT Manager spending more time on technology than their main business responsibility?

Fortune 100 companies use Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to drive their IT organizations and align their IT Strategy with the overall strategy of the business. Typically they’re also responsible for delivery and management of daily IT services.

Our CIO Advantage Service provides you with an experienced Part-Time CIO to manage your company’s technology investment. Our understanding of your business goals combined with our experience at leading IT organizations can help you reap more profit from your business.

CIO Support
Do you have a CIO?
Does your IT Manager have the skills to deal with every situation they face?
Do you have the right technical resources to solve the problem quickly?

Whether it’s helping to find the right software package for your business or dealing with a complicated networking issue, we provide project focused support to supplement the skills of your in-house IT staff. In addition to focusing on your immediate needs, we provide added value by working to help develop your IT staff as part of every CIO Support project, transferring skills to make them more self sufficient.

Support Plus
No IT staff?
Do you need help installing and maintaining your IT investment?

Our Support Plus program provides resources with the skills to install and service your IT systems and networks right. Our structured service methodology analyzes the problem at hand and develops a solution plan eliminating the “shoot from the hip mentality of what we call “Networking Cowboys. We look to deliver value to our clients and will quickly advise you if a technology should be replaced instead of repaired. Our complete Support Plus program offers the following benefits:

  • On Site Remote Support of key IT systems to quickly resolve service issues without the need to wait for a technician.
  • Proactive management of your critical IT systems.
  • An experienced service manager who is focused the value of the services delivered to you.
  • IT technicians that understand your technologies and are familiar with your business.
  • A fixed monthly fee to help you better manage your technology investment.
Block Time
Do you need a predictable level of IT Support?

We offer 25, 50 and 100 hour pre-purchased blocks of time to help make the maintenance of your IT systems more affordable.

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