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Software Selection and Implementation
Finding and selecting software is different than any other purchase your company will make. The wrong package can put you out of business. Our software selection service leverages our experience and software selection process to help you find the right package for your needs.
Software Selection
Do you have the right people selecting your software for your business?
How do you know what software package is right for you?

Selection and implementation of the right software package has huge implications for your company’s ability to profitably grow with ease in the future. Yet all too often we come across companies who have failed to select a package that adequately supports their business. The most common problem is that their methodologies of software selection are little changed from what they have successfully used for hardware selection. There is a big difference!

It is difficult to touch software like you can a physical product, you need a different approach to make the right selection. Pick the wrong product and you will be faced with unforeseen implementation expenses to make the package work. If you’re unlucky, there may not even be away to make it work in the way your business needs.

Recognizing the pitfalls to software selection, we leverage our proven selection process and our experience with software selection, contract negotiation, and project management to provide one of the greatest values that we can offer to our clients. We can work with you throughout the entire process or just in selected pieces. Our software selection service helps you get the results you need, translating to on time / on budget implementations, realizable savings, and a package that supports your business process.

    Keystone’s Software Selection Process
  • Needs Assessment
  • Product Identification and Selection
  • Purchasing Negotiations
  • Implementation
  • Validation
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